NSW Number of Cases Tomorrow Prediction By JON BERNARD #shorts #jonbernard #covidpredictions

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Comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been able to accurately predict NSW COVID-19 case numbers the night before they’re announced, telling it all comes down to β€œsimple maths”. The TikTok star has been revealing the numbers online the night before Premier Gladys Berejiklian delivers the COVID-19 update, and has been correct for the past five days. β€œIt does come down to simple math if I’m being quite honest,” Mr Kairouz said. β€œYou’ll find in multivariable calculus there’s often many solutions to various problems. β€œSo it just comes down to assessing all the factors and putting it in the Kairouz probability theorem and seeing what we come up with.” Mr Kairouz confirmed he has received a call from NSW Health and said the department asked him to β€œgive up a source and stop posting” but maintained he is not worried about the continuation of his calculations. β€œI’m not worried at all to be quite honest,” he said. NSW Number of Cases Tomorrow Prediction By JON BERNARD #shorts #jonbernard #covidpredictions video.

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