Nick Mack – Legendary (Official Music Video)

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The close associate he called friends was taught a valuable lesson when they decided to turn on him because of greed. While out in the fields clearing his Farm, he stumbled on a remarkable find, an Emerald GemStone worth Millions.His Friends was Green with envy and they all conspired together to take his Life, but what they did not know is that he was a Legendary Warrior trained in Marshal Arts and Yoga. Eventually he defeated them all. He finally came to the conclusion that He will sell his Emerald Gemstone and he found a few Buyers and they agreed upon a Location but they too wanted it all for themselves he was ambushed by the Buyers and indeed he defeated them.
Artist: Nick Mack
Song: Legendary
Produced by: Phantom Beatz Nick Mack - Legendary (Official Music Video) [Buss Skull Riddim] 1080p video.

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