New Completed Pokémon GBA Rom Hack 2020 With Mega Evolution, New Story & More

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New Completed Pokémon GBA Rom Hack 2020 With Mega Evolution, New Story & More!

Pokemon Stone Dragon is released for a long time. If you follow my page or maybe follow all hackrom so maybe you can know about it. About Pokemon Stone Dragon 2, I always follow about that project because it's so good. hmmm, and I heard about information the completed version will be released in 2019. But now in 2018, It's released and completed. WOW, That's Great and so fast. You are Gladion or Alain and have a new journey in a new region is Kayrus! So You can have a new storyline with A new Graphics. The Starters are Jangmo-o, Deino, Tyrunt with Pokemon Cries from Anime. hmm and the I don't actually like it! and Mega Evolution in Battle and Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7. I will Show you Pokedex of the game.
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♨Pokémon Stone Dragon 2:-
🎁Author:- Ricardo
⚫Status:- Completed

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• New storyline and new region.
• Pokémon between the 1st and 7th Gen.
• New graphics.
• Difficulty Hardcore.
• Special and physical.
• Choose between Gladion and Alain.
• Starters: Jangmo-o, Deino, Tyrunt.
• Cries of Anime -New B / W Beats.
• Mega evolution.
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