Nashik Flower Park

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We started our new year journey with visiting this beautiful park which is famously known as #Nashik Flower Park . this park is located near Anjineeri hills 20km away from Nashik city. its a new park in nashik.This park is recently developed and since its inception has become a famous tourist spot. The entry fee of this park is 400rs on weekends and 300 rs on weekdays . THIS park is open on all days from 11 am to 7 pm.
Nashik is ideally famous for its holy sites and Ramayana epic poems. But it was amazing to experience this beautiful flower park in Nashik . this park has 5 million flowers and 45 variety of flowers. IT also have other attraction like fish aquarium, fish spa and iguana. They also have tent for accommodation and adventure activities within the park. So guys if you are in #nashik then do catch up with this amazing flower park.
we are sure you ll love it . Mani And Vibha video.

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