Naruto and Sasuke Vs jigen – Naruto makes it’s 1000 clonesl

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Koji managed to sneak his Toad into Jigen's portal to survey the battle. Team 7 returns to the Uzumaki Household and Kawaki reveals that Jigen took Naruto, Mitsuki manages to calm them by stating, that Kawaki's arm is still working, meaning that Naruto is alive. Ino contacts Shikamaru and informs him of the situation. Naruto and Sasuke quickly realize, that they are outmatched by Jigen if they rely on taijutsu, as he is physically stronger. As Jigen keeps absorbing their jutsu and cornering them, Naruto uses the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu to cover for Sasuke, while he recovers. After dispatching the clones, Sasuke figures out Jigen's ability: to shrink and enlarge both himself and various objects, such as the rods he uses to pierce them on several occasions Flaming Sight video.

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