My 2020 Weight Loss Journey Part 1 (What Did I Eat To Lose 11 Lbs Of FAT in 7 Days)

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It's been 7 days since I’ve started my weight loss journey and we are 11 pounds down.
That’s about 5 kg

That's good news.

I started at 182 pounds which is roughly 82,5 kg and
I am currently down to 171 pounds which is about 77 kg
Here’s how I looked like 7 days ago

Now my actual goal is to lose 28 pounds which is about 13 kg and I want to keep the results and finally see my abs consistently.

So, in this video, we are going to be talking about what exactly and when did I eat to lose this weight.

As you can see throughout my week I had 4 days where I had 2 meals per day
And then Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had only one meal a day.

Again, this is my weight loss journey and you don’t have to do 1 meal a day by any means.

If you are just starting out then simply stick to 2 meals per day fasting.

I did so-called alternative fasting where I had one day “clean” IF and next day kinda “dirty” you can say.

“Clean Intermittent Fasting” is where I only consume water, black coffee or tea before breaking a fast without adding literally anything in those beverages that could break a fast.

In “Dirty Intermittent Fasting days” I had my bulletproof coffee which is technically breaking my fast, since it has calories in it, but will produce even more ketones so I’m ok with that.

Also, it’s a very very healthy and delicious creamy coffee.

Bulletproof coffee keeps me full and saturated till I have my lunch.

Now, In order to lose weight and actually become healthy is essential to set up our day in terms of the correct rise and fall of energy,

the right processes like digestion,

the right hormones to be activated all at the right time.

That’s why First thing in the morning I have my big cup of water.

I add 1 or half teaspoon of sea salt to my water.
Then I add about 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and simply mix it all together.

I make my Bulletproof coffee every that I call “Dirty IF day”.
I use my espresso machine to get my 1 cup of coffee
Then I add 1 tablespoon of grass-fed unsalted New Zealand butter called ANCHOR, you can also use grass-fed Ireland butter Kerrygold.

Bulletproof coffee keeps me full and saturated till I have my lunch.

Here’s what my meal plan looks like for the week.

Every morning I consumed my water with some Sea Salt+ACV.

I had my lunch at 2 pm every day
And I had my dinner in a couple of hours after my lunch.

For Lunch, I had about 6 oz or 200 milliliters of broth to break my fast and bone broth helps kinda warm up your gut before actually breaking fast so I always highly recommend using bone broth for breaking your fast.

And then I had about 4-7 oz which is about 120 - 200 grams of boiled lean chicken.
Now, I purposely eat lean chicken for lunch because I want to keep fat as low as possible for lunch..

We are going to get our fats mostly from dinner and there’s a science behind that and I just want to keep this video short and to the point so we won’t dive much in this case.

I will have my dinner in 2-4 hours after my lunch and I will not have any snacks in between.

That’s really important.

In this case, my eating window was 3-4 hours per day so that means I was fasting for about 20-21 hours every day. Alex Yehorov Weight Loss Journey video.

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