Muskurayega India | HD Video | Female Version by Dr. Shamayitri Ghosh | United Kingdom

The world is going through a crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced every country to go into isolation. I, Dr. Shamayitri Ghosh, as a doctor strongly believe that every global citizen will successfully challenge this obstacle and will finally emerge victorious with a SMILE.

This song portrays' hope, love, belief, peace and spirit of togetherness.

I appreciate the effort of every Indian to fight against bravely against coronavirus by staying positive and following the rules and regulations as put forward by the Government of India.

On behalf of all the doctors and other allied medical professionals, I would firstly, like to take the opportunity to thank you. Secondly, I would earnestly request all of you to stay at home and be safe, and finally I would like to assure you that we as doctors are always there for you.

🎵 Audio Credits
Singer - Dr. Shamayitri Ghosh Kosarwal
Original Music - Vishal Mishra
Original Lyrics - Kaushal Kishore
Guitar & Bass - Vishal Mishra
Published by - Rahul Kosarwal

🎵 Video Credits
Jacob Laukaitis, GAESCA, Voice from the past, Bernardo Bacalhau,
Shubh Journey, Shamayitri Ghosh Kosarwal, Rahul Kosarwal. Dr. Shamayitri Ghosh video.

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