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Yavuz Γ–fkeli released his first deb ut album "Ocean". There are three different Vocal in this album. 14 tracks and many more. At radio, Yavuz Γ–fkeli has had continued support one of the best radio stations in Istanbul, from Power FM's DJ Funky C. DJ FUNKY C has performed for "Can you hear me" track as a feat. A secret instrument, hang-drum soloist with Onur YΔ±ldΔ±z. As an Artist hope to amass over 100 Worldwide Radio plays one of a song from Yavuz Γ–fkeli. Exactly, he prefers to mixing and producing dark style layers, synths, vocals and bass-lines. His latest single "Smile for Monique" have had continued to get into DJs playlists. Dance-floor is the main matter for all of us and also as a DJ we know which track can get a hit on a Techno Scene. Pieces of types of vinyl nearly ready for this product and really want to release all of them on the same date. Thanks for your patience for our promotion schedule. Hope you grab it. Because there will be many more merchandises from Artist. If you are ready we are ready.

For Buy or Stream; Yavuz video.

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