Mt Batolusong

Pamilya Lakbayero sa Mt. Batolusong (Travel Vlog 03)

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Mt. Batolusong is one of the โ€˜latest hitsโ€™ in the local hiking scene, its proximity to Manila spurring a spate of interest in the mountain in 2012 and onwards. It is located between Brgy. Cuyambay and Brgy. San Andres in Tanay, Rizal, pretty much in the same direction as Sta. Ines, the jumpoff of the more popular and more difficult Mt. Irid. It is often compared to nearby Mt. Sembrano, because of some similarities in the two mountainsโ€™ grassland slopes; Batolusong may be thought of a โ€˜closer and easierโ€™ version of Sembrano.


Lakbayero : Macx Alcala
Cross-over Lakbayers: Pamilya lakbayero

Music Compose By: Furederikku Biasura
Song Written by : Macx Alcala
Interpreted by : Furederikku Biasura

Song credit to : Tagpuan - Moira Dela Torre Lakbayero video.

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