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1. Color Muse device ()

2. Flying Phone Case Camera ()

3. *Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner (9)

*USB Version (Corded) ()

*Air Pen Scanner+Case Bundle (8)

*(Renewed) (9)

4. WonderCube ()

5. *SimpleLif Keyboard cleaner (.3)

*NewKelly keyboard Vacuum cleaner (.09)

*TRIXES Mini USB Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (.49)

6. Pack of 10 M Hexagon Modular Touch Led ()
*White clr

*Multi clr

Further Details:

Color Muse:
.Just scan and match on app
.Scan colors via Bluetooth
.Find color-matched apparel, footwear, accessories and more

Flying Phone Case Camera:
.AWARDS-WINNING SELFLY patented technology features
.Face recognition & autonomous follow me feature
.720p camera

Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner, Highlighter and Reader Wireless:
.Create summaries faster than ever before
.Just slide your handheld scanning pen across a line of printed text and watch it appear instantly on the screen

Wonder Cube:
.Built in cable, MFI cable certified, Charge, Phone Stand, OTG usb, SYNC, Emergency Charger, Flash Memory,Led Torch
.The cube is completely covered without any exposed contents
.Foldout flexible USB cord
.Incredibly durable and compact
.Quick Charge anywhere anytime
.Built-in gold-plated connectors
.Innovative phone-stand
.Micro suction cups plate for phone's back panel
.Built-in micro SD card reader
.Expand your phone capacity for extra 128GB
.Works perfectly as a USB Flash Drive

Mini vacuum Keyboard cleaner:
.Designed for vacuuming heavier dirt and dust
.Simply connects to the USB port of your laptop or computer
.Great for the keyboard, printer, camera equip., audio-visual equip. and office electronic equip.

QUANTUM Hexagon Modular Touch Lights Led:
.Designed for your desired shape with the interlocking magnets
.Touch sensitive and will turn on/off with a slight touch
.Each hexagonal piece will respond with the human touch
.Easily attached to any surface without damaging the surface
.Consume minimal energy and provides bright white light

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