Video clips used were recorded at various times as some may have been not used for other Many Faces as they were shortened or kept for another time as a continuation. Some recordings have characters from previous Many Faces as also added some new ones. Some clips were recorded between May 2019 and December 2019 and also new additions and continuations done in early February 2020 and early April 2020. Edits completed today and began in late April.

Once again, I grew my facial hair while also trimming to a style needed to re-enact some of the previous characters from the other Many Faces as well as for new ideas.

Forgive me that this one is almost double the length in time from previous ones but I have continued clips for future Many Faces that I want to piece in so some needed to be released in this one. Some also did not make the cut because it would be even longer. Since today is my birthday and this is the 8th Edition releasing on the 8th of May, this presentation suits being an extension of the entertainment as well as we all need some extra enjoyment during this time of our lives with this Coronavirus pandemic!


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Click here for Many Faces 7 ! Daniel video.

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