Making of Cashew Vinayagar

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A short tutorial of Cashew Vinayagar!
முந்திரி பிள்ளையார் செய்யலாம் வாங்க!
Happy Vinayaga Chathrthi!

It's believed that these Vinayagar is a mark of ambience to our home and it spreads happiness around.
Every one would love to learn them, since it is well explained step by step.
Even small kids also can learn with passion.
Try them viewers!

If you want to learn 3 By 3 Kolam, respective tutorials can be seen in the below given links:

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Sikku kolams design pattern with dots are called as chikku kolam or kambi kolam in Tamil. In Telugu its called muggulu, chukkala or geethala muggulu with design patterns. They are mainly based on curves around dots. In Hindi it is called as Rangoli, Rangoli design patterns.

Sikku kolam designs are unique in nature which lights up the ambience of a place where it is drawn. These sikku kolam designs with dots can be drawn and can be practiced as a hobby by creating an album out of all the Sikku Kolam with Dots. They are drawn from 2 by 2 matrix to n by n matrix. 4 by 4, 3 by 3, 5 by 1, 5 by 5 are famous Sikku Kolam design patterns with dots.

Sikku kolangal is a variant of different kolams in the Tamil tradition. There are padi kolam, vari kolam etc. Sikku Kolam designs are the challenging ones amongst, since it requires mathematical calculation, good understanding of the pattern and different types of knots.

Drawing Sikku kolam Designs with Dots successfully, makes one proud, since it is tough and challenging. At the same time there are Easy Sikku Kolams too.

Hope you enjoy learning and watching Sikku Kolam Designs Sikku Kolam with Dots and Easy Sikku Kolam!
Leave a comment if you want to learn more Sikku Kolam Designs with Dots!

Music: Kolampaati video.

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