MahaShivRatri2020 – Sadhana for Guidance

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MahaShivratri is the night of Shiva and Shaktiโ€™s union and aligns the masculine and feminine energies to create universal healing. This night is of prime importance to any spiritual seeker, be they monks and yogis or householders looking to improve their spiritual connection.

Any sadhana performed on Shivratri is particularly powerful since the Shiva consciousness is heightened and omnipresent. Therefore, anyone willing to surrender their energy on this night is benefitted and healed.

Doing the Shivratri puja as a family is important as it will have a greater impact. You can also set a collective intention as a family, which is manifested faster.

While doing the puja you must worship the entire family of Shiva, starting with Ganesh Ji. A Shivaling and an idol of Lord Ganesh could be a good representation of the entire family of Lord Shiva. If you have an image of Lord Shiva with his family, that would be fine too. Additionally, remember to set aside milk, water, and fresh flowers to do the puja.

First, invite Lord Ganesh as he is most accessible to all the deities. You must honor and worship his idol with water and flowers and thank him for eliminating all negativity and obstacles. You can invite him using the mantra โ€œOm gam ganapathe namahโ€.

Next, bathe the Shivaling with milk and water while chanting the mantra โ€œOm Namah Shivaayโ€. Milk and water are used because they provide cooling energy and were also the most accessible items for puja in ancient times.
After that, have all the family members meditate together for up to an hour. Start by chanting the mantras โ€˜Om Namah Shivaayโ€™ and โ€˜Kleem Kalikaya Namahโ€™ aloud one hundred and eight times each, and then go into silent meditation.

The intentions you set with your family on this night are very powerful. You can invite healing to yourself and your intention. Allow Lord Shivaโ€™s energy to cultivate devotion and strength in your spiritual sadhana. This can heal generationsโ€™ worth of trauma as well.

Lord Shiva is a symbol of devotion, strength and nurturing. Ask to be guided by him into the unknown and for the strength to trust the unknown and your own power. Siddharth khare video.

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