Lyfeless (Life Remix – Prod. By. J. Dilla)

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(Ms. Panda speaks)

I put my life on the line
Take a knife for this shyt
Willing to die for the shyt
Cherry, rise up on the third, get crucified for this shyt
On my momma, if I ever seemed unfaithful
Thank you for having the patience and cultivating my greatness
in my bones I feel it
It’s my tone they fearing
So shoutout big papa
Made me spit proppa
Raised a young vet
The rank is on Shabba
I see it in the all
Fall down
I run it, they know now
A gunna, I chain-link
Could blow through a whole crowd
Watch as they all sink
In crimson wins I pledge allegiance
Timmy What do you believe in?
Proof, fuck it
No explanations, we buggin
Life’s a Pixar, Reptar
I’m tuckin
Tommy off you lil rugrats
On Chuckie
Night tears as nights terror
And mights martyr, might mortar
Heart cold as ice water
Might storm or kill monger
What kind of King is this?
Blitzkrieg in bliss
If I sneeze you kiss the sky
Goodbye and bless
The ring it fits
On more than one
You all dismissed
Get off my dick
I fritz, You catch a clip
As eyes eclipse, you all get sunned
If life’s a bitch, then I’m her son

I flow quicka then Hov figga’s
I fold ligaments
Told hittas
I know wicca’s who ghost pick a float and toast wit us
As souls flicka, I grow Bigga
Fear no clicka
A bold trigga squeeze most, yea

(okhissa speaks) Okhissa video.

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