Learning during lockdown – I am unique | Ep- 3 | Sneha Rathor | CEO, Sanfort Group of Schools

Learning during lockdown - I am unique | Ep- 3 | Sneha Rathor | CEO, Sanfort Group of Schools

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Continuing her Pro-parenting series in Campus Care EdTalks, Sneha Rathor focuses on wide range of issues affecting children and gives valuable suggestions to parents to overcome problems in parenting.

In this episode of EdTalks, she majorly focusses on pulling out that one talent out of the kid and helping him/her polish it well to make it a skill. She also encourages parents to teach as many new things as possible but at the same time asks them not to force their children to do anything that are not interested in.

During this country-wide lockdown due to spread of Coronavirus, the learning process is now restricted to every home. Parents are now on triple duty of managing homes, working from home and teaching their child as well. During this quarantine period, parenting can give nightmares to young moms and dads.

She talks about ways parents can make their child unique with the qualities they have. She brings forward crucial issues that affect the growth and development of a child and what parents must do to encourage and inspire confidence in children.

She gives important tips on how to understand a child? how to make a child communicate his feelings to the parents?

She also talks about what can parents do to boost the child’s confidence? How to minimize the weaknesses in a child? How to deal with hyperactive children?
She urges parents to understand the problems of their child and especially teenagers and appreciate every effort of their child.

Entab CampusCare EdTalks is an initiative by Entab to bring out the story of struggle, efforts and successes of educators.

EdTalks aims to spread ideas from educators that helped their school gain prominence to other educators and teachers. Entab thanks Sneha Rathor for being a part of Entab CampusCare EdTalks and contributing to our cause of uplifting education in India.

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