Learning Beyond Education | Chef Ashish Singh| MasterChef India Season 4 Finalist

Learning Beyond Education | Chef Ashish Singh| MasterChef India Season 4 Finalist

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During this Covid-19 lockdown we all all confined to our homes, we cannot go to restaurants for a dinner or cannot grab some street food randomly while on a walk. In CampusCare EdTalsk, for a change, we bring to you Chef Ashish Singh, Master Chef, Season 4 finalist who will give you excellent tips to cook some of those cuisines at your homes.

During the talk, Ashish shares his journey of becoming a chef, what inspired him to become a chef. He explained his understand and version of cooking. He gave excellent tips for becoming a chef, cooking tips for beginners. He also sheds light on chef as an offbeat career and how cooking is both an art and a science.

In EdTalks, he also discussed about how to develop senses of spices to become a good cook and a chef, he explained the difference between chef and a cook.
He also shared his idea about cold cooking, knowledge of ingredients while cooking and explains the benefits of knowing how to cook.

He emphasises on importance of hygiene in restaurants and how to ensure quality in foods.

Entab CampusCare EdTalks is an initiative by Entab to bring out the story of struggle, efforts and successes of educators.
EdTalks aims to spread ideas from educators that helped their school gain prominence to other educators and teachers. Entab thanks Chef Ashish Singh for being a part of Entab CampusCare EdTalks and sharing his knowledge and expertise of cooking with our viewers.

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