Kingdom Come Deliverance – Henry Story – Part 2

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Henry lived in the tranquil village of Silver Skalitz, training to be a blacksmith under Martin, his father, at their forge. In between lessons, he'd oft go about horsing around with his friends Fritz, Matthew, and Matthias while wooing Bianca, the local alemaid and his local sweetheart. He eventually begins learning the basics of warfare and sword fighting in secret by Vanyek, much to his mother's disapproval.

During Unexpected Visit, Henry and his father finish making a masterwork sword for their liege lord, Sir Radzig Kobyla. Henry soon learns that, in addition to being a skilled swordsmith, his father had some talent in sword fighting as well. Henry longs to venture into the outside world, so he asks his father to teach him how to defend himself, but Martin refuses, preferring he settle down with a nice girl, learn his blacksmith's trade, and keep away from trouble.

However, this peaceful life was soon to be interrupted. In 1403 a Cuman army commanded by Markvart von Aulitz, one of King Sigismund's lieutenants, attacked and destroyed Skalitz becoming event later known as the Sack of Skalitz as revenge on Sir Radzig for sending valuable silver and his continues loyalty towards King Wenceslas IV, Sigismund's deposed half-brother and the rightful king of Bohemia. Speechless video.

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