Introduction to Minimally Invasive Surgery – Knee Pain | Reviews

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Knee pain and joint problems have been increasing day by day. Every second person after crossing a certain age suffers from knee pain problems due to which surgery seems to be the only option to treat them. But thanks to the doctors and technology who have made this possible to treat knee pain with non-surgical options. Dr. Sanjay Sharma at JPRC apart from surgery provided many non-surgical options that include:

1. Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.
2. Viscosupplementation.
3. Radio-Frequency Ablation.
4. Prolotherapy.

These options enable patients to avoid the severe pain and time consumed in the traditional form of surgical options.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma is known as an Interventional Spine & Joint pain specialist and successfully treating the patients since decades along with 20 years of pain practicing experience . With advanced techniques, professionalism and experience, he has given relief to many patients. He has been treating patients not only from India,but also many regular overseas countries’ patients. And they are thankful to Dr. Sanjay Sharma to help them with their knee joint and spine problems with economical technologies.
We are always there to transform your painful journey into a better life…! JPRC Neuro Spine Centre video.

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