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In EdTalks Roshan Gandhi speaks on a range of issues effecting school education in India, from traditional chalk & talks to modern EdTech, from life-skills to future job market, from habits to hobbies. Roshan Gandhi tips students on crucial issues effecting every student.

He gives a description of how it is to manage the world’s largest school and what educators must keep in mind while managing a school. He shares his story of challenges that came his way while managing the school.

He differentiates between chalk & talk old age teaching methodology and new age tech-enabled education process. He talks about commercialization of education and what are the benefits of it, how commercialization of education can help Indian education system? What are the policies that may improve the education system?

He elaborately speaks about hobbies, habits and particularly mentions set of skills that are necessary for students to survive the decades to come. He talks about 21st century essential skills.

He emphasizes on the importance of skills that will help students beyond classrooms and why these skills need to be developed and polished. He also explained why reading is a good habit and how to build perspective by making reading as a hobby.

Entab CampusCare EdTalks is an initiative by Entab to bring out the story of struggle, efforts and successes of educators.

Roshan Gandhi Forouhi, Director of Strategy, City Montessori School, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. City Montessori School is the world's largest city-school with 18 campuses in the city of Lucknow, which had 55,547 Pupils. City Montessori School is Celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2019. The School was the Recipient of the 2002 UNESCO Prize of Peace Education.

0:01:00 – What are the new strategies that you have implemented in the curriculum
0:04:45 – On-going projects & programs that are helping students at schools
0:06:10 – How it is to mange the world’s largest school?
0:08:30 – Challenges that came your way
0:10:25 – What are changes required to make in the education system?
0:12:10 – what policy can help the education system?
0:13:25 – Guiding EdTech entrepreneurs
0:16:25 – Role of a good school management software or ERP
0:18:10 – What are your hobbies?
0:19:35 – Message to youngsters
0:21:05 – Books suggestion for children
0:23:40 – Emotional moments, dealing with crisis
0:26:40 – merits and demerits of new EdTech
0:28:40 – Words for Entab

EdTalks aims to spread ideas from educators that helped their school gain prominence to other educators and teachers. Entab thanks Roshan Gandhi for being a part of Entab CampusCare EdTalks and contributing to our cause of uplifting education in India.

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