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This goes out for the Ladies!
We know what they want.
It's straight truth, try to digest. Hahaha!

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Music Producer - ElecTron |
Lyrics & Vocals – O G |
Genre – Hip Hop, Underground Rap, Desi Hip Hop

The rap game is now shifting towards verses about relationships and that's where our very own Pravin Mehra aka O G - the rapper has aimed this time. Talking about what exactly today's modern girlfriends demand, this song humorously features the harsh reality with a twist of 'diss' for all the ladies who consider boys, nothing but an Ice Cream.

You're warned! The language of #ICECREAM #HindiRap by #OG may not be suitable for your sensible ears as it is a verbal ambush on girls and it may change your mind by revealing their cruel intentions behind the sweet talks. Listen to this sinless rap diss for girls and we're sure you will relate to it like every other boy struggling through 'relationshits'. OG video.

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