I Need My Safety Space

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We’re coming up to a really dangerous point at this pandemic because frustrated families might just start to ease restrictions before they should, something that would put many people in danger. While most people think that we need to remind parents to do the right thing, we believe we have to get to the kids and give them a sense of purpose along with the information they need to keep their families safe.

Say what? Yup. Think about it. Recycling? Kids made that happen. Anti-smoking? Kids again. Seatbelts? Bingo! And guess who is driving the current environmental movement and the fight for gun control. (Hint: it’s not 80-year-old billionaires).

We’ve partnered with top doctors, hospitals, parenting experts and a psychologist to create five 4-minute animated shorts that help kids understand what they have to do and why. This is our first one. Spike video.

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