Hypebeast Shopping With $50 At Thrift Con!! Sneakers, Designer and Vintage (SHOCKING)

YOU Won't Believe What I got for $50 At THRIFT CON!! CRAZY GRAIL FOUND!!

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Come Hypebeast Shopping and thrifting with me at thriftcon Miami, Today We will be taking you on a thrift haul, From streetwear, vintage clothing and even Sneakers. We will see what a can buy you at thrift con 2020. Thrifting is fun and usually you do it at a thrift store like goodwills and sometime its the best budget shopping or even a good way to get a quick thrift flip. The thrifting community is pretty big and also very fashionable. So lets see what everyone has to offer and lets see if we can find some crazy thrift finds for the low.
Marco and Alvin video.

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