Human brain

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Human brain-It is made up of 3 parts-(1)Forebrain,mid brain and hind brain. (1) Forebrain-It has 3 parts (1)Cerebrum (2)Thalamus and (3) Hypothalamus. (1) Cerebrum-It controls movement,speech,thinking ,problem solving,learning etc. (2) Thalamus-It identifies cold,hot and pain. (3) Hypothalamus- It controls hunger,thirst,hate,love and emotions. (2) Midbrain- It is responsible for sight,hearing and reflex movements. (3) Hind brain-dead It has 3 parts -(1)Pind (2)Cerebellum and (3) Medulla oblongata (1) Pons- It controls sleep and respiration. (2) Cerebellum-It maintains posture,balance and muscular activities of body. (3) Medulla oblongata- It controls salivation,vomiting,heart beat,blood pressure,coughing, sneezing etc. Rajeev chauhan video.

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