How to raise a curious child?

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Mr. Naryan Kumar Karn, President, The International Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi stresses on why we must build a generation of students who are curious. Children with high curiosity can help them in studies.

Mr. Narayan is out on a mission to help reach education to as much students as possible, particularly in rural India. In the interview he talks about how pressure is hampering student’s health and how educators and parents can help reduce the stress of student’s head.

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He explains how developing curiosity among students can develop interest in students for studies. He believes that practical education and hands on experience can make students learn better.
He discusses about education system in India, cost-effective eduaction and inclusive education.
He talks about ways how to make education available and accessible to all children.

He speaks about problems of education system in India and how we can take education to rural India, what are the resources we need to take education to children in India.
He also explains why student suicide is increasing in India, how to stop student suicides, he identifies what are the reasons for student suicides.
In the interview he also shares his inspirational story of becoming a teacher, it is a story that can motivate students to become a teacher.
He goes on to explain why it is important to train teachers and ways to train teachers. Entab CampusCare video.

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