How to Prevent Suicide in Youth: See the BORN TO STAY ALIVE Official Trailer (2020)

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One Damaged Dame Productions Presents "Born to Stay Alive" a Short-Documentary film Directed by Adriana Dushaj. The film follows the lives of five people who have struggled with depression and have attempted suicide in their life. The film also includes a riveting fictional tale that plays in between the Documentary written by Adriana Dushaj as well. Our hope is to help others who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you know needs help today, you can find help at the Crisis Text Line and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Mike Veny is one of the people featured in this documentary. He is on a lifelong mission to discover how to prevent suicide in youth. Teen suicide is on the rise in this country and something needs to be done to proactively address suicidal thoughts. This issue is very personal for Mike who attempted to die by suicide at age 10.

As a national mental health speaker and the author of the book, Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero, Mike believes that success in suicide prevention is dependent on:

* Addressing DEPRESSION - Trauma and grieving significantly contribute to depression. Learning to process trauma and grieving is an art that's unique to every person. When done consistently and effectively, depression doesn't rule your life.

* Addressing SUICIDAL THOUGHTS - People are often afraid of suicidal thoughts AND afraid to share their suicidal thoughts with someone else. Once you share them in a safe space, they don't rule your life anymore. You take the power back.

* Addressing MENTAL HEALTH - The subject of "mental health" has an interesting paradox. In one sense, people want to learn more about it than ever before. In another sense, it's taboo to talk about it. It's critical that our society normalizes the "mental health" conversation. Mike Veny video.

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