How to Prepare for Board Exams

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Dr. C.V. Singh Chaudhary, talks about ways by which student can perform better in exams. Watch his interview to learn how to score more in board exams with scientifically-proven techniques and preparation strategies.

Watch his interview to discover smart study tips on combating exam pressure, shared by Dr. C.V. Singh Chaudhary, Principal of Rawal International School, Faridabad, Haryana.
Understand the exam pattern, how to prepare for it, and the ways to attempt the question paper.
Entab CampusCare EdTalks is an initiative by Entab to bring out the story of struggle, efforts and successes of educators.

In the discussion he talks about inclusive education, he also brings up ways for teachers and parents to identify a childโ€™s strength. He suggests parents to work on communication with their child as communication is solution to many problems.
Awarded as the โ€œPrincipal of the Year 2019 Awardโ€, he talks about building confidence in students and building life skills in students. Dr. C. V. Singh talks about role of technology in schools.
Held at Entab's head office in New Delhi, CampusCare EdTalks is a popular talk show where distinguished educationists across the country make an appearance and share their extraordinary journeys.
On the show, they recount their childhood, reveal their success mantra, as well as offer tips on school leadership and raising well-rounded children.
Furthermore, the program gives an exclusive sneak peek into educators' lesser-known personal lives, which can be a learning lesson for many. In this episode of CampusCare EdTalks, he shines a light on:

0:01:13 - His story of becoming an educator
0:02:23 - What inspires him and keeps him going
0:05:53 - Inclusive education
0:06:46 - Ways to build student confidence in student
0:12:10 โ€“ Teaching students to handle exam stress
0:13:39 - How to prepare for board exams
0:14:42 - Effective preparation strategies for exams
0:16:37 - Advice and tips for parents during exams
0:19:24 - Identifying and accepting your childโ€™s strengths and passion 0:21:10 - Significance of communication between the parents and the child 0:24:01 - Role of technology in school
0:26:22 - Life skills crucial for every student
0:29:50 - About Entab and CampusCare EdTalks
0:32:50 - Credits
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