How to Make Real Turkish Tea. Bir tavşan kani çayı nasıl demlenir. Armchair Talks

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How to Make Real Turkish Tea. Bir tavşan kani çayı nasıl demlenir. Armchair Talks
Hello again and welcome to another episode of Armchair Talks.

Today Berna and I would love to teach you all, how to make a traditional Turkish tea
If you what to experience the full true flavor of traditional Turkish black tea. You will need.

1. Tea leaves. We like using these organic brands.
( Organik Siyah çay black tea or çaykur organik Hemşin çay black tea )
2. Filtered water
3. Sugar cubes if needed. Your choice.
4. One double stacked teapot called a çaydanlık.
5. Turkish tulip shaped tea glasses.
6. Electric element, gas burner or campfire to boil water.

How to make Turkish tea.
1. First clean out your çaydanlık and tea glasses with hot water.
2. Put your çaydanlık on your cooktop.
3. Remove the smaller teapot and full the larger teapot with filtered water.
4. Place the small teapot back on top of the larger teapot.
5. Put one tablespoon of black tea leaves per person into smaller teapot.
6. Put lid back on and turn the cooktop to high.
7. Wait for it to boil. then turn heat down to low.
8. Full the smaller teapot half way with hot water. And put lip back on.
9. Add a little water to the larger teapot and put back onto the cooktop.
10. Put the smaller teapot back on top of larger teapot.
11. Wait for 12 minutes for the tea to brew.
12. Now you are ready to serve.
13. From the smaller teapot. Pour the tea into the drinking glasses.
14. Now add in the hot water from the larger teapot.
The more black tea you add, the stronger your tea is.
Enjoy. 😀 Darren Burch Travelling Turkey video.

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