How to Make Easy Homemade Chai/Tea Recipe (Masala)!

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Today i'll be showing you my version/preference of how I make chai, specifically Masala Chai! β˜•οΈ Masala Chai means tea, which is a blend of aromatic spices steeped in a perfect ratio of milk and water. Perfect to you may mean more milk for a creamier flavor or more water for a lighter flavor.

Ingredients (2 Servings)
-1 1/2 glass milk (I use Lactaid)
-1/2 glass water
-3 Cloves
-5 Cardamom Pods
-3 Small Cinnamon Sticks
-1 Thin Slice of Ginger
-1 Tbs Black Tea (Link:
-4 Tsp Sugar (Put according to your preference!) (Link:

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did! Follow me on my instagram page: EatWithAra

*By the know when you order chai tea in the store, you're literally asking for tea tea? Don’t chai wish you knew this from before? Arafun Azad video.

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