HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT IN 3 DAYS || No Strict Diet || No Workout !

Do you like Eggs ? Do you want to lose belly fat in 36 hours ? Let’s see how to reduce belly fat in three days using this Recipe.

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Eggs DIet Recipe Tips:
Day 1 – Breakfast
Drink a cup of green tea with no sugar, any two tomatoes and two boiled eggs.
Day 1 – Lunch
Have two egg whites. They are a perfect source of protein.
4 oz of fish boiled or baked
Drink a cup of green tea between lunch and dinner.
You can have a snack of one apple.
Day 1 – Dinner
For dinner you can have your favorite vegetables be it broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, cauliflower, whatever you wish.
The only condition here is that they must be steamed. Drink a cup of green tea without sugar
Day 2: Breakfast
Drink a cup of unsweetened green tea, eat 2 boiled eggs and a banana
Day 2: Lunch
Enjoy two egg whites, 4.2 ounces of chicken boiled without skin, and right you are, your favorite green tea.
Day 2: Dinner
On the second day your dinner can include a piece of Rusk, 4 ounces of cottage cheese, and a cup of low-fat milk
Day 3: Breakfast
Drink a glass of tomato juice and two boiled eggs.
Day 3: Lunch
Green tea, 2 egg whites again and 4.2 ounces of cooked red meat
Day 3: Dinner
Dinner will be green salad, two baked potatoes and a cup of green tea

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