How to get the solution of any problem ?

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1. financial problem – in todays scenario a big issue with many of us in a small way or in a big manner.

2. business problems – i. how to grow my business ii. how can take my business to next level iii. I got frustrated with my job want to do some but what suits me .some unanswered questions of businessmen

3. career & job issues

4. relationship problems – (i) when i get marry (ii) how will be my wife (iii) we are fighting every day without any reason (iv) we got frustrated living together.

5. education & lack of concentration of kids -now a days kids are taking online classes which they are not used to it, many parents can see the mental changes in kids dues to not got to the school for long time .

6. child birth problem

7. corporate affairs & corporate politics

8. foreign settlement – (i) some wanted to go for further education some (ii) wanted to relocate from home country to another (iii) some wanted to go for job purpose.

9. health issues – i heard many times that my test reports are ok no disease detected but still i feel unhealthy why ?

10. property disputes

11. court case & litigation issues

12. political problems thehealingaura video.

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