How to Get Married in Turkey with the one you Love. Armchair Talks

Is there any instructions how to get married in turkey 🇹🇷 Marriage in Turkey. Armchair Talks

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How to Get Married in Turkey with the one you Love. Armchair Talks
In this video, I will explain to you all the requirements needed for you to get married in Turkey.

➤ Apostille Certificate from your country. This can be applied on line.
This has a timeline. of 3 to 6 months.
➤ Current passport with 6 months
➤ Passport translated in Turkey from Notary.
➤ 6 Biometric photos
➤ Make an appointment with your embassy in Ankara.
➤ Visit your Embassy with your apostille Certificate for witness and signature
➤ Visit the Turkish Foreign affairs Department in Ankara. To have your embassy singed papers of witness, stamped with signature by TFA
➤ Get a health check. Chest x-rays and blood test for hepatitis and aids. By Turkish doctors.
➤ Visit your local wedding registration office for applying for marriage.
➤ Visit your local police station to have both of you registered in the system.
➤ Return to wedding registration office to plan what day you would like to get married.
➤ Someone to witness your wedding.
➤ If you would like your wedding to be able to be registered in the country of birth. You can ask a representative from your embassy to witness your wedding.
( FOR EXTRAS ) You maybe asked for.
➤ Your Turkish partner must carry a valid Turkish Republic ID card.
➤ If you as the foreign is living in Turkey. You must have an authorized copy of address with your spouses names from the Notary. As your sponsor
➤ If you as the foreign living in Turkish. You must carry a current residents permit with one year.
➤ You with both need insurance for the valid year of your residents or Turkish Republic ID card.
➤ Birth certificates
➤ Bank statements from bank accounts and source of income
➤ Family photos. Darren Burch travelling Turkey video.

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