How to get 100K SUBSCRIBERS during LOCKDOWN | (Reality Check)

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Want to grow your YouTube channel to 10K? How about 100K subscribers? Here’s the honest truth behind how to do it…!

The truth is THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS. THERE ARE NO HACKS. It’s all about putting the time in, building a genuine relationship with your supporters and offering value.

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In this video I will walk you through the genuine way to grow your YouTube channel in 2020 – yes, you’ll learn how to grow your subscribers on YouTube! I’ve been making videos on YouTube for years… When I first started I just made videos for myself and as a result I didn’t grow as I’d hoped..

Now, I made videos for YOU. What are the best tips to grow in 2020 you ask? Sit back, relax and takes notes. You’ll be able to use these insights to grow your YouTube channel from 2020 & beyond!

If there really was a trick or hack to getting 100k subscribers we would all have 100k. Anyone that says they have a full-proof method isn’t being 100%.

I do understand that there are a few things that can help such as using attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles, adding appropriate tags and key words but these things aren’t going to necessarily boost your channel to crazy heights.



Here’s the truth…


My question is…how long have you been grinding?

Now I want you to think of any big YouTuber (pewdiepie, ksi, casey neistat for example)

Can you deliverer content at that quality and frequency? (be honest)

Let’s stop looking for hacks, short cuts and magic tips and tricks….

Let’s start to think more about the viewer… What content do they want? How can you add value to their lives?

Do those things and you’ll start to build a connection with your audience and maybe then you’ll start to notice a positive change.

Life is a journey! Don’t get too caught up on the destination... Cos you’ll miss a lot of fun, beauty and adventure along the way


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