How to edit videos on YouTube app on android smartphones

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How to edit channel videos using the original YouTube app on android smartphones

Sometimes you just wish to seek new or easy ways to edit channel content..Well that is why I have made this tutorial..I was really finding it hard over a week ago as to how I can easily edit my YouTube channel content on my smartphone.

You dont have any prominent edit buttons rather you will see that there are three vertical dots alongside your channel videos which when clicked shell open up a list of actions that you can perform from which you will choose editing!

I will show u how to edit one of my videos in this tutorial.

The tutorial will teach you from start to finish how to edit, your channel title,description and keyword tags on the YouTube app rather then going into your YouTube dashboard studio via the chrome browser on a android phone.

As you guys are aware that you were not able to edit any information on your channel and you had to do all your channel editing via the YouTube studio dashboard or through the YouTube studio app.

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