How to avoid loose skin after weight loss (Preventing loose skin during weight loss)

πŸ’₯ How to avoid loose skin after weight loss (Preventing loose skin during weight loss)

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How to avoid loose skin after weight loss (Preventing loose skin during weight loss) + Guidelines on how to get rid of loose skin after weight loss.

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How to avoid loose skin after weight loss. Your quick guide to loose skin causes, and preventing loose skin during weight loss.

Let's begin with a short explanation of what causes loose skin.

Loose skin is the result of the body’s ability or inability to adjust as the body changes its composition. This is often the case after rapid weight loss, especially for people over 40 years as the elasticity of their skin is far weaker than that of a younger person. When someone is overweight, the skin stretches to accommodate the increased volume of weight. After weight loss, the skin sometimes fails to tighten back and becomes loose, hangs, or sags. It often acts as a reminder of the weight you once had. There are some ways to fight it, so keep on watching this video till the end.

So can you avoid loose skin after weight loss?

The answer is yes!

Follow these guidelines to prevent loose skin:

1. Skincare.
- Start by exfoliating your skin daily
- Treat yourself to a hot hour-long bath once or twice a week
- Aloe vera extract, soy protein, and yeast
-Stretch ALOT

2. Change Body Composition.
This means working on the ratio of your body fat to lean body mass. You should gain muscle to replace some of those lost pounds while preventing loss of lean body mass when dieting - This will dramatically improve loose skin from appearing. Also, loose skin is one thing, but still having body fat is another.
- Lunges
- Squats
- Bicep curls
- Planks
- Crunches

3. Create a good diverse diet.
Get a good diversity of foods and look up good dieting foods online - one which includes sunflower seeds for example. Tea is also a great healthy option to have while dieting and there are many kinds that specialize in certain areas. Try green tea, black tea, ginseng, and thyme; just to name a few. Visit the 1st link in the video description for a recommended diet to save you some time and effort in this regard.

4. Surgical Reduction.
If neither fixing your lifestyle, changing your diet, or using the above products didn't give you results. There is always surgery to consider. It is expensive, however, but well worth the money if you get it done right and by a good surgeon. (So researching your doctors, is a must).

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