How Should Christians Respond To Crisis

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With the virus that's going around things are pretty crazy. It's really difficult keeping sane in crazy times and keeping the peace in an emergency. Many people are driven by feeling and not scripture. So where is your hope placed?

The thing is that worry is pointless. That worry leads to fear, that fear leads to panic and both fear and panic leads to selfishness. It's important that we focus on things that are true. However, many get led away from the truth and become confused asking, "if God is good why do we suffer?"

It's important during times like these that we are looking for God's work in the midst of crisis. It's important that you don't worry about the little things in life and that you don't worry because of who our Father in heaven is. It's very important that we are trusting in God's sovereignty during troubles. So, how should we respond to times of crisis? How should Christians respond to crisis? Is it a sin to worry?

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