How safe is Artificial Intelligence? Will robots Kill Humans?

How safe is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence Mankind's Last Invention - Why is AI a threat? Artificial Intelligence threat will be a serious concern in the not far future.

This is the question that was there in for debates for the past few decades. Great minds like Stephen Hawkings and Elon Musk have questioned the capabilities of Machine Learning in the field of Robotics and Automation.

Let us take a look at the dangers we will be facing in the near future. Let us discuss the problems we will be facing in the future due to the rise of technology and machine learning

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science wherein essentially a machine is able to make human-level decisions; more specifically AI is used typically in conjunction with machine learning to perform various tasks like pattern recognition, visual interpretation, speech recognition, etc. Will robots Kill Humans? video.

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