How real world Chinese sounds like-understand Chinese native speakers-Chinese pronunciation

How to understand fast Chinese-how to understand Chinese native speakers-Chinese pronunciation

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Real world Chinese sounds very different from what you have learned in the class?
Do you find it difficult to understand Chinese native speakers?
It is very important to learn Chinese pronunciation in the class, but also important to know how people speak real life conversation in Chinese.

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If you had enough of watching tones of YouTube tutorials, spend so much time on searching materials, watching Chinese drama to learn Chinese, but you found out that you still CANNOT have a conversation with people, guess where is your problem?

The problem is that you are just learning RANDOM vocabulary and sentences.
This will not help you to build ability of speaking, you may say some words but can't make a sentence.

If you really made up your mind to learn Chinese, start with sentence structures.

I literally spend OVER A YEAR creating valuable contents and compiling all the topics that are popular & most needed from my past teaching experience to total beginners.
Give yourself a chance to start this amazing journey😁

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