How do you afraid


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This video is about the cause of fear.
How this fear happens and experiments to prove the cause of fear.
Here how to overcome the fear .

How do you fear?
We are afraid to walk in the dark.
When we see a stranger we immediately start thinking whether they are terrorist or liar.
For example if you see a branch of tree moving at night,sometimes we starts to fear.
Fairy tales and horror movies make us afraid.what is scary? How do you afraid?
Yes, inside the brain AMYGDALA is present.
This make a link between memory and fear.
It can recall many of the frighting experiences,sights and events of life.
This AMYGDALA will have some reactions to the old events.
Very recenly,we did not know much about the cause of fear at AMYGDALA in th brain.
Some experiments on mice has reavealed this.
For that AMYGDALA had removed from some rat's brain.
Then some of the rats started to show courage to attack the cat.
During brain surgery AMYGDALA is stimulated.
The human started to sweat and heart beat increases.
So the working of the AMYGDALA understood.
Don"t remove this part and be brave.This is the most needed part of man.
Otherwise excessive courage can take a man to danger situations.
Dear friends, AMYGDALA has a duty to warn us of danger.
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