How did Rosary come into our Lives? (History of Rosary: St. Dominic and Mother Mary)

How did Rosary come into our Lives? (History of Rosary: St. Dominic and Mother Mary).

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Why did Mary appear to St. Dominic?

During the 12th through 13th centuries which is 700-800 years ago.
St.Dominic was preaching against the Albigensian heresy in France.
Albigensian-ism, teaches that every person’s soul is imprisoned in an evil body and the only way to experience salvation was a person's soul to be freed from the imprisonment of his flesh.
While St. Dominic was preaching against this there came a time when he was completely distressed by lack of his success in preaching.
He had lost all his hope and he prayed to God asking to provide what he needed in order to overcome the Albigensian heresy.
After three days of his prayer and fasting, three angels appeared in the sky along with a ball of fire.
That was the time when Mary appeared to St.Dominic.
It is not that Mary gave the rosary in his hands in fact rosary word itself was not in existence at that time.
but what she did was asked him to use her Psalter in conjunction with his preaching of the mysteries of our salvation.
She asked him to use her Psalter as an instrument to tackle the heresy.
This word Psalter actually means the book of Psalms.
If you see THE PSALTER OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY it has 150 Psalms in it.
This concludes that the Rosary used back in those days was not same as the rosary we have today.
Also the prayers with rosary back in those days were completely different from today's rosary.
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