home showpiece from paper

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Materials required for this craft
1. newspaper/ paper
2. scissors
3. glue

1. Take Paper of Size 10cm X 30 Cm. Using Pen or Smooth Stick Roll the Paper From One Corner
2. Glue at the Corner to Secure It
3. Make Several Paper Tubes
4. Cut Paper Tubes of Length 10cm and 15 Cm
5. Assemble the Tubes As Shown to Make a Partition
6. Arrange the Paper Tubes As You Wish to Make Partition
7. Make Four Partitions
8. Assemble the Partition As Shown
9. Our Inner Portion Is Now Ready
10. Make the Entrance of the Showpiece As Your Wish
11. Now Lets Make the Roof of the Showpiece
12. This Is the Top Front Portion of the Showpiece
13. I Made Table and Chair for Reality
14. Assemble the Separate Portions We Made to Form a Perfect Showpiece
15. Our Final Showpiece Is Ready.........
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