Helicopter Flight Tokyo in 360 Degrees video

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Today I have a treat for you guys, we'll see Tokyo from a new angle. This 10-minute breathtaking helicopter flight brings you through a variety of famous places throughout Tokyo, such as Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo station, and more. We departed from Tokyo Heliport in Tokyo Harbor. Here's a challenge, look around for as my landmarks as you can find including the four shown above in that order.

Believe it or not, a 10 min tour will set you back around 300 usd, a 20 min all-inclusive tour of Tokyo is around 550 usd, and 40 min or more will be somewhere near 1000usd so definitely not your everyday luxury for most people, this is reserved for an anniversary, birthday, or special day.

For access:
The closest station is Shin-kiba station. Shin-kiba station can be reached by JR Keiyo Line, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Rinkai Line.
Tokyo Heliport is a 5-minute taxi or bus ride from Shin-kiba station. I took a taxi because it is most convenient. You don't want to miss your flight. Made in Tokyo video.

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