Hari om Meditation -Extremely powerful meditation

HARI OM MEDITATION | हरी ॐ ध्यान | HARI OM BHAKTI | HARI OM MANTRA | hari om chanting

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Hari Om Meditation 2020, Extremely powerful Healing Energies 2020, हरी ॐ ध्यान भक्ति
Daily watch this full video three times a day and make a wish, for your quick wish fulfillment.It really works if you watch this video daily till the end, with belief. For details see description below.
In this Video:
This is Meditation capsule in the form of Video and it is created by Dhayan Guru Krishan Dass Ji.
It is extremely powerful and effective. This video is your daily dose of power.

How to do meditation:------ – Use Earphone for best results. Adjust volume of Phone according to your needs. Relax yourself from all tensions and concentrate on Hari Om sound. Repeat Hari om sound as per video. This powerful meditation will transform your life and heal your body, mind and soul. Chant Hari om mantra with the video sound and concentrate on Hari Om Sound.Just relax fully.Do this Meditation 7 minutes twice a day (on daily basis). For best results 1 hour in Morning and 1 hour Evening (or night) Daily for 21 days minimum.

Benefits:----- – Person will be more relaxed and have very less tension.Person's body, mind and soul will start healing and become energetic day by day. Best meditation for wish fulfillment. Person's Aura and chakras got healed. Person will feel more energetic, more concentrated, more relaxed, more focused on goal and much more.... It really works.
Feel free to comment about your experiences and questions. Meditation and bhakti video.

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