Growing through a crisis | Neha Sharma | Principal | DPS, Gwalior

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We all are in a way quarantined at our homes, with no where to go, no schools and colleges to attend, all offices shut, work from home but even in this Covid19 crisis we need to grow. we need to learn. we need to survive. we need to develop new skills.
Neha Sharma, Principal, DPS Gwalior talks about Growing strong in this crisis. she suggest to explore oneself and find things that one can learn during these times.

With the spread of Coronavirus, a sense of fear has creeped into every home, into everyone's heart. These are very difficult times but this is also the time when we pull ourselves together and gear ourselves for the challenge. Therefore, she suggests ways how to stay positive, see the optimist road ahead.

She says, this is also the time when we say thank you show gratitude for who are working for our safety while keeping their lives at risk.
As we are all at home with our family members, she suggests, this is the time we connect with our family members and build our relation strong with them.

There are many fun activities we can do during lock down, we can make our bucket list and work on our skills to accomplish those activities.

She wants all of us to find our star-rated moment, she names it the "AHA" moment, what is your star-rated moment she asks?

Before closing she passes on her positive message to all to stay calm & stay happy during this crisis and find out ways how to develop oneself during this lockdown.

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