Go, Make Disciples and Pray for Unbelievers

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Hey friends, it's Sarah I hope you are having a great day! WOW, can ya believe it is already May time sure has flown by? Well, as we continue this month and more months to come I hope these prayer challenges are encouraging and a great reminder to pray. This week's challenge is to pray for unbelievers. Think about it some of us once were unbelievers and if it weren't for Jesus putting people in our lives to share the Gospel. Now, it is our turn to go and make disciples. To those who are unbelievers you are so loved so much Jesus gave himself away from the son of God. If you want to know more feel free to message me somehow or if you know of a pal reach out there are so many people that are willing to show you what is a follower of Jesus looks like. To the wanderers, I pray that we all be reminded that Jesus is still here and we run back to him and also for your pals too. I love you guys so very much and you are so loved. Be sure to like and subscribe that would help me out a ton πŸ™‚ Sarah Preston video.

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