Ganni Blue High Rise Straight Leg Jean | Do These Jeans Change Everything?

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Welcome to the Bad Denim Review where we order and try on jeans for you. Today we are looking at this lovely number by Ganni - the high rise, straight leg jean.

I was interested in getting a Jean by Ganni from 2 key events - I heard about their new collaboration with Levi’s and also there was an image I saw of a model wearing them outside the shows at fashion week. It was a close up of the back pocket and I just thought it was such a fresh brilliant use of branding, they’ve lasered the name on the back right pocket. Ganni was founded in the early 2000’s as a knitwear brand but it wasn’t until around 5-10 years ago that it really became a cult label outside of Denmark where it was founded.

I went for their straight leg with an exposed button fly. The denim is a mid to lightweight denim. The wash is very well executed light blue with some light whiskering at the top, nice and subtle.

Something the creative director said which is so SO true “Denim seems easy because it’s so basic, but you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience to do it right because it’s so complex.” They enlisted the designers who work with Acne Studios, Givenchy and Saint Laurent- I think you can really see that in their denim brand handwriting, the studs, the rivets all look pretty similar to Acne. This is a really clean perfectly washed blue denim.

The leg is a loose straight leg, I would even consider this a bit of a bootcut due to the slit openings at the hem, it allows it to flare out a bit. It would look great with a bodysuit, a white tee, a statement collar, maybe a sweater vest. Shoe-wise, go for something chunky.

So, am I going to keep these? Yes. I am on board with Ganni, I love Ganni, I want more Ganni. They have kept their collection quite focused and tight at the moment but I predict Ganni denim as being a major name in the denim market in the next few years.

I’ve put a link below if you want to try them for yourself. We’re releasing new videos every Friday so let us know in the comments if there’s a Jean you’d like me to have a look at for you.

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