FIRST GOAL SCORED!? | PES 2017 BECOME A LEGEND CAREER Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 | Striker [PC]

PES 2017 BECOME A LEGEND CAREER MODE Gameplay Walkthrough PART 2 | Striker | MAN OF THE MATCH!? [PC]

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What is going on lads! Welcome to KalPlayZGames, I am your host Khalifa Ahmed a.k.a 'Kal' here with you and today we are going to continue the long journey of my striker! A journey of a football player who dreams of making it in the big leagues. A player who is willing to give his all for his team in order to ensure that his team wins. A football player who loves what he does and loves his fans and learns from all his experience. He is ready to ensure that his name is written in the hall of fame and is determined to fill his trophy cabinet. So....... Will he be the next 'BIG THING'? Will he finally be able to put the ball in the back of the net? Find out in this video! KalPlayZGames video.

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