Few Facts About World 14 Countries In Oceania ! | INFO SPOT

Few Facts About World 14 Countries In Oceania ! | info spot

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Hello EveryOne .Welcome to INFO SPOT ! We all know that world is the Earth and all life on it. There are 195 countries in the world.
Few Facts about 14 Countries in Oceania . #14. FIJI , a country in the South Pacific, with the population of around 895,925.
The total land area is, 18,270 Km2 . The Friendly people of Fiji, speaks the language called "Rotuman".
#13. SAMOA, consists of two four major islands, that are ; Savai'i and Upolu. The population density, in Samoa is 70 per Km2 . The People of SAMOA are very helpful & Friendly. It is a safe South Pacific Destination for visitors. Prices are cheap to visit, SAMOA during February & March. You Know Why ? This is due to possibilities of, Typhoon and Heavy Rain Fall.
#12. TONGA has more than 170 Islands. Lagoons and Limestone Cliffs, protects the main Island called Tongatapu. Yucca, Taro , Sweet Potatoes, Yucca are the, familiar food crops of Tonga. The Cost of meals are, around $ 15 to $ 25. The total land area of Tonga is 720 Km2.
#11. VANUATU is known for its, Coral Reefs and Canyons. It is good for you, to totally avoid the Reef Fish . The total land area of VANUATUis 12,190 Km2 .
#10. PAPUA NEW GUINEA. The total land area is 452,860 Km2 . They often eat their, traditional Food Pork, on their special Occassion.
#9. NEW ZEALAND, ranks number 126, in the list of countries by population. It is the First Country, to give the women, a right to vote. the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953, was a New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary.
#8. KIRIBATI, The total land area of Kiribati is 313 square miles only. Kribati is good for travellers, and not for tourists. Fishing & Handcrafts are the major Industries in Kribati.
#7. Nauru. The total land area is 8 sq. miles. NAURU is the world's smallest nation. Buada Lagoon is the only one fresh water lake in Nauru. Coconuts are the commercial crops of Nauru. Denigomodu, is the largest city in Nauru. #6. MARSHAL ISLAND. The world’s least-visited countries . The population density, in the Marshall Islands is, 329 per Km2. The dialling code for Marshall Island is +692. The total land area, is 180 Km2
. #5. TUVALU means "Eight Standing Together". The population density in Tuvalu is 393 per Km2. If you fond of calm and relaxed lifestyle you can move to Tuvalu.
#4.PALAU citizens do not require, a visa to enter into, Unites States Of America. The country has one two year trade school. Did You know? The country does not, have College nor a University.
#3. SOLOMON ISLANDS. Sir Peter Kenilorea, the first Prime Minister of SOLOMON ISLANDS. Large adult saltwater, crocodiles consider humans as prey. Solomon Islanders have blonde hair. Solomon Islands 2020, population is estimated, as 686,884 people, at mid year according to UN data.
#2. MICRONESIA: Federated States of Micronesia, has more than 600 islands. The total land area is 700 Km2. The temperature is warm, all around the year. The official language is English in MICRONESIA. 21.5 % of the population is urban, that is 24,716, people in the year 2020. #1. AUSTRALIA, population is estimated, at 25,499,884 people at mid year, according to UN data in the year 2020. It is the largest country in Oceania. Australia is the the world's sixth-largest , country by its total area. Australia ranks number 55, in the list of countries by population.
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