Fair Shot – Slaughter Beach, Dog LYRICS

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Fair Shot - Slaughter Beach, Dog

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"Fair Shot" Lyrics

Under the sun I hear my sister in the street
Call out to me
They pulled the car by close so she could see
Her family

The stupid kid won't eat, won't speak, or look at me
He asks for you
He never did quite what you told him to

Now all the days
Our hairs turn gray
Earth moves painfully slow
We all get one fair shot
But I think that I forgot
If mine came and went long ago

And in your room old boxes buckle in the heat
The walls are bare
I never was sure what you did in there
Today the kid's so mean I stay out of his way
He hates to lose
I think he saw that photograph of you
On the news

I'd just stepped in from work
And he's got blood all down his shirt
He's standing
Across from me
And he says "You've been so very nice
But you won't bear this burden twice"

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