Explosion at a gas station in Rio Claro, Brazil leaves injured – June 2021

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An explosion of a truck that was a gas station in the city of clear river, not inside of Sao Paulo, on the night of Wednesday, 30, left at least 17 injured, two of them in serious condition. The information was disclosed by State Fire Department, who acted in response to the occurrence alongside the Emergency mobile care service (SAMU). According to the Fire Department, witnesses reported that the truck began to catch fire after parking at the establishment, then exploding and hitting nearby vehicles. According to authorities, the accident happened on the Washington Luiz Highway, which had the flow interrupted in both lanes for about 30 minutes. The city hall also informed that, so far, there is no information on fatal victims, but asked the population to avoid seeking medical care in cases that are not urgent because the Emergency Care Units (UPAS) β€œare committed to receiving and referring the injured from the accident”. According to the latest update from the Fire Department, 30 agents and nine vehicles were mobilized, but the teams are already leaving the place. Viral Media video.

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