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In 1978 Joey Tempest (then Joakim Larsson) went to see a concert by another local band, WC. He was particularly impressed by his guitarist. Europe boyazont instrumental bass cover, europe boyazont bass cover, "When I was 15, I discovered a guitarist, a year younger than me,


who played his instrument with his heart and soul, and with a sensational blues that I had never heard in a Swedish musician. His name was John Norum and after that day nothing would be the same again "- he explained in an interview. Europe boyazont instrumental bass cover

Joakim and John soon became good friends, thanks to their common interest in music and motorcycles.europe boyazong bass lesson, europe boyazont bass tab, In 1979, Larsson was asked to join Norum's band, WC. He accepted, and suggested that the group could change its name.

The band's first incarnation was called Force, and it was founded in the suburb of Upplands Vรคsby, Stockholm. It was composed of vocalist and keyboardist Joakim Larsson, guitarist John Norum, bassist Peter Olsson and drummer Tony Reno.4 The name was suggested by Larsson himself to Norum, after listening to the album "Force it" (1975) , from the UFO group, which was fascinating. Europe boyazont instrumental bass cover

"I remember when we started with the Force band, we played covers in a rehearsal room because we wanted to learn to play our instruments, like all bands," Tempest said. Song of love official, song of love metal,

โ€œThen one day we said that maybe we should do our own things. Nobody had ideas, so I interposed mine in the rehearsal room, and that's when we started writing our own things. โ€5 song of love metal, song of love heavy metal, Song of love metal official video.

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